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Pen and Ink

A Celebration of Home

Pen and Ink 2020

When Calvin was at Clemson, flowers and jewelry were a reach for a guy with no income. Undeterred and ever resourceful, he wooed me with his only real skill as a young architecture student - pen and ink. Professor Harry Harritos, AIA taught him technique to use in his architectural career, likely hoping that the art of hand rendering would not be totally lost to the ever evolving world of technology. Calvin had more romantic plans. I'm sure Professor Harritos tired of the visits during (and outside of) office hours for advice on line weight and tree placement but I am eternally grateful to him. Thanks to an educator's infinite patience, Calvin became a talented pen and ink artist and my walls are adorned with lovingly drawn reminders of the homes that made me.

My grandmother's two story colonial hangs to the left of our fireplace, evoking memories of childhood Christmases and Summer swim lessons in the pool. After I graduated from school, I bought my first home, a brick cottage surrounded by camellias and English Ivy. It hangs to the right of our fireplace and reminds me of the joy of independence and accomplishing your goals.

Grandma's House, Laurel, MD - Pen and Ink 2013

Swim Lessons with Dad at Grandma's House, Summer 1986

After we were married, Calvin started doing commissioned works - a beloved family home that burned down; a grand country estate; a Canadian castle. Once he started his own residential design firm, he took a hiatus from pen and ink to focus on the consuming work of building a small business. Now, in response to requests from a few former patrons, he has decided to lay down some archival ink for a good cause.

Pen and Ink 2015

Rarely in our history has the word "home" been uttered more frequently. We are working from home, healing at home, and even cutting our hair at home. As we shelter in place, we can't help but consider those without the comforts of home. Through the end of June, we are donating a portion of proceeds from custom pen and ink orders to Miracle Hill Children's Home. Visit our website at or contact Calvin directly at to commission a custom piece and support some of South Carolina's most vulnerable citizens.

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