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Urban Renovation

When we started designing the renovation of our own home, the goal was to marry clean, modern elements with the classic features of this​ downtown house, built in the 1920s.  It sits on a large urban lot with massive, overhanging hickory trees. Great care was taken in maintaining uninterrupted views of these trees and capturing the dappled sunlight through their leaves in the kitchen and home office.  


Design + Build


Greenville, SC


Complete 2016

While many parts of the home were modernized with regard to space, material, and function, we strived to maintain a scale that was typical of the home's era.

Some of the spaces, rich in their original appointment, underwent only minor interventions in the form of clean trim profiles and contemporary fixtures.

As a family who cooks almost nightly and enjoys entertaining, we wanted a social kitchen with ample storage that boasted a clean, simple aesthetic.

Ample sunlight washes the renovated upstairs bath.

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